In addition to the gourmet brigadeiro flavors listed, we’re happy to work with you to create custom collections, bespoke flavors, and event-specific packaging. Just contact us!

Creamy, soft, and just sweet enough, traditional brigadeiros contrast a silky interior with a crunchy, chocolate-sprinkle exterior. Pairs perfectly with… white chocolate brigadeiros! Try a mixed box from Brigadeiria Doral.
White Chocolate
Love white chocolate? Indulge your craving with a rich brigadeiro featuring the same texture you love – but this one is loaded with cocoa butter and redolent of vanilla. Pairs perfectly with… a medley of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and coconut brigadeiros.
This coffee-and-chocolate combination is a perfect afternoon snack when spirits (and energy) are flagging. Pairs perfectly with… a cappuccino!
Nothing goes better with chocolate than nuts. Smoother than a brownie, smaller than a slice of cake, and richer than mousse, walnut brigadeiros truly hit the spot. Pairs perfectly with… a square of dark chocolate.
Pistachio brigadeiros cut the sweetness of a traditional brigadeiro – a family favorite takes a trip to the Middle East! Pairs perfectly with… hot chai tea.
Dark Chocolate and Sesame Seed
Rich, dark chocolate finds an unlikely match in this gourmet brigadeiro – a little more sophisticated than standard fare. Pairs perfectly with… strawberries and cream.
Coconut with Flakes of Chocolate or Coconut
When it comes to texture, these brigadeiros deliver. A base of blended condensed milk, finely shredded coconut, and white chocolate gets interesting when covered with your choice of dark chocolate or finely shredded coconut. Pairs perfectly with… café au lait.
This brigadeiro pays homage to a timeless combination: strawberries and chocolate. Pairs perfectly with… vanilla tea.
Cream Cheese and Guava
Based on Romeo and Juliet, the Brazilian cheese-and-fruit dessert, this delightful spin-off uses mild cheese to counteract the sweetness of guava conserve. Think of it as a tropical version of raspberry cheesecake!
Dulce de Leche with Toasted Coconut or Golden Sugar
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this caramelized delicacy. Coconut lovers and crunch addicts will rejoice with toasted coconut and golden brown cane sugar versions. Pairs perfectly with… macchiato.
A more subtle brigadeiro, this provides the perfect contrast to a mixed box of sweets. Pairs perfectly with… butterscotch sauce.
Like after-dinner drinks or a snifter by the fire, these “just for grownups” brigadeiros are sophisticated – and popular at weddings, anniversaries, and showers. Pairs perfectly with… a shot of espresso.
Just a hint of champagne elevates the popular kids’ party treat to something that’s enjoyed only at the growups’ table. Crafted using real alcohol for a tingly tastebud experience. Pairs perfectly with… a flute of champagne, of course!
Whether you want to celebrate the holidays, give a gift, or just bring some cheer to the family home, we offer seasonal treats for year-round enjoyment.

Allergen Information: Some of our brigadeiros contain nuts and all are manufactured in a space that processes nuts.
Our brigadeiros contain dairy but do not contain eggs, preservatives, or artificial coloring.
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